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Installer already has all the wiring, so cost of wiring will be included in installation price. Also, installer will be adding a second battery with a manual switch. I think install is going to run about $30/hour which he believes will be about a 4-5 hour job. So if I am figuring it up right the total install price including everything should be $250-$300 maybe.

Also, this will only be 2 amps because the stock interior speakers are running off the head unit as of now. (I will have 1 amp running the tower and 1 more amp running the sub and interiors)

Mounting location for amps is going to be bolted inside the passenger seat compartment on the inside wall of the walkthrough. Exact sub location is yet to be of now it is in a sealed box that will fit under the dash in front of the driver seat so that is probably the plan. But, the new stock subs are installed in an "infinite baffel" (which is mounting the sub in the wall that separates the under compartment of the front bow seat and the driver area) design which would keep the leg room for the driver.

Due to the size of the 2 amps, I would probably not go any bigger other than to maybe replace the stock Clarion interiors. Also, the Kicker sub comes with a remote bass level control.
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