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Tri-Star 190

Brand new to the board and glad to be here. Can anyone tell me the history of the Tri-Star (in particular the 190). I have found bits and pieces on the web and it appears it was only manufactured from around 89-91. I could not find an “official” Mastercraft link for it.

I am looking to purchase a later model Mastercraft (due to budget) and this is about what I can afford.

Couple of questions…..How does the Tri-Star compare to the Pro Star 197? Is this a solid boat (novice wake boarder and pretty good slalom skier) for a family to have fun on the weekends with?

The engine hours on a few I have found in my area have around 600 +/- hours. Is this a lot or a normal amount of hours for an late 80’s/early 90’s model boat?

ANY help, comments, suggestions is welcomed! Thanks!!
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