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Originally Posted by parrish1 View Post
I sure was hoping for something like the loose driveshaft nut but my problem doesnt seem that simple. Everything is still in place just no movement coming out of transmission. Hey Langedp did the prop hit the rudder? I suppose you could see the transmission still moving even though prop didnt spin. Correct?
Fortunately the prop didn't make contact with the rudder while it was spinning. I think the shaft loses contact with the coupler splines before it reaches the rudder. No signs of damage there thankfully.

Yes, the tranny rotates when you put it in gear, both forward and reverse. There was just no propulsion. I thought I had lost the prop which is why I got towed in. It wasn't until we got to the dock that we discovered the shaft had shifted all the way out of the coupler on the transmission.

I just thought it was a weird coincidence that we both had X-Stars and were both towed in at about the same time for very similar problems.
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