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Max Ballast/Weight for 2006 x-15 and Gauges Off

I am new to wakeboarding and have recently purchased a 2006 x-15. I was wondering how much weight I could put in the boat?

It has the factory hard tanks in it, that I believe hold around 1000lbs.

Does the weight/persons listed in the boat mean I can put an additional 2100lbs(not sure of exact listing) in the boat on top of the 1000lbs ballast or does that include the stock ballast and I can only put in 1100 more lbs?

Also, the 3 ballast gauges only show 1/2 - 3/4 full when the tanks reach the overflow and start shooting water out the sides. When I empty the tanks and the water stops shooting out, they all read empty.

I have tried searching the forums and it seems that by replacing the impellers with the new "green" ones fixes it. Is this right?
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