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Question X2 Vibration at quick take off fully loaded...any help?......

Hello - I am experiencing a vibration with my 06 X2 (190 hours) when there is more stess on the boat......i.e. - I am pulling up a boarder with 6-8 people on board. The boat is fine once up and running. The vibration is only from the get-go. I don't notice this vibration as much (if at all) when there is no load. The prop and shaft are like bends and the shaft appears to be straight when inspected. My thoughts are the shaft is out of alignment? To have this checked and aligned is fairly difficult as the closest dealer is 4 hours away and charges $300 for the inspection alone. I would like to at least narrow down my search for this problem before I take it to the dealer. Thank you so much in advance for all who reply!!!
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