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2006 x2 wake

Hi all,

My family and I just got a 2006 x2 after we had to replace our 2006 x1 - long story. I recently had my knee re-constructed and got time this weekend to go our for my first ride since the operation in January.

In our x1 we would put a 400 in the walk through + a 600 horizontally across the floor in the passenger pit. & full tanks. The wake was primo and I would ride 70-75 feet of rope at around 23 Mph. The speed was GPS tested to be bang on.

In the x2 - we filled up the factory ballast first and found the wake to be wide - super wide. For example, I shortened my rope to 65 with handle and rode at 23.5 mph and the wake was comparable to 75-80 feet behind my x1!!!!! This was with a 400 in each locker, 600 in the passenger pit + stock ballast and another 500 or so in the front! This configuration had a wake that was too soft so we pumped the front secondary bladder.

After removing the front bladder, the wake was harder - more firm, and the heelside of the wake was a nice ramp. Consistent, but I had to ride at around 23.6 Mph. The wake was still wide as heck! I don't want my knee to be blown out again since I kept casing it. The boat was balanced (the rooster tail and the boat were not leaning) and I understand that because of the prop rotation one side will be steeper, but I don't expect it to punch through it and come up short.

The old boat I had no problem landing hs/ts 5s, raleys, krypts, rolls etc... but this wake appears to be just off. Weight shouldn't be able to affect the wake's width I would think - this is a hull trait?

Although, we had a rough time getting it configured to surf at first... we found the best configuration was port locker full + 400 and 600 on the left side of the passenger pit + 5 people on the same side. Wake is bigger and longer than the x1s.

Anyone manage to get the x2 to put out a decent wake? tips please!

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