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if it were me i would just go ahead and replace both needle and seat valves .. it really is no big deal to replace and adjust them.. you dont have to tare into the carb to replace them.. they are right on top of the carb.. one on the front bowl and one on the back.. all you should need to do the job is a 5/8 wrench and a flat head screwdriver (the bigger the screwdriver the better).. use the screwdriver to break them loose then you should be able to just screw them out by hand.. once they are out it will be up to you as to wether you want or need to change the gaskets.. then just put the new ones in..start the engine and set the needle and seat.. there are two brass screws that should be on the right side of the carb.. one on front bowl and one on back.. pull them use the 5/8 to adjust the float level and the screwdriver to lock down.. turn to the right to take the level down and to the left to bring it up.. the two brass screws is where you check the level.. if gas is steady coming out of the hole the level is too high.. if you can rock the boat and no gas at all is coming out the level is too low.. you should be able to give the boat a little shake and see gas come out.. you want the gas level to be right at the bottom of the hole where you removed the brass screws..
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