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Originally Posted by barefootjoe View Post
Other Issues from this trip.

1. New water pump exit line stayed cool ( I checked it ever few min for the first hour), but the temp sensor was dead. Where is the temp sensor on the engine? 1980 ford 351, pmc

2. Tack went high when engine above Idle, Ive heard this is possibly from vibration. Where does the tach lead connect to the engine?

3. Fuel Gauge was dead, Not sure where to start there?

4. Amp gauge was frozen / dead in the middle. Where does this connect to the engine.

All gauge fuses showed voltage on the voltmeter at the fuse box, and fuses were good.

Ideas and Pictures of locations would be a great help!!! Thanks.
Just in case you missed it, anyone have any pics or can help with the locations?
Who reads posts? I just look at the pictures.
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