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Originally Posted by 197 TT View Post
so if you really want a cross over boat - one that you can realistically run a slalom course, have a decent wakeboarding wake (built in ballast), barefoot capable, and have a little bit of room - what is the boat of choice? X1? X2? X9? X14V?
If you are going to run the Course, the X14 from your list above makes the cut. You left out a X7 (you may already have one like it based on your name )

I have a 214 without ballast and full tower (no ballast/Mini) since we use it mostly for skiing.

I would want the ballast for more serious pursuit of wakeboarding, etc. So an X14 is tough to beat for an all round capable boat that can truly handle the course (including the tracking and driveability that you need for smaller ski lakes) The built-in ballast steals some of your ski locker space, so make sure you get board/ski racks if you go with a X14 ... the rest of the storage on the X14/214 is super plentiful ... under the observer / the bow seats / the whole J-seat is storage ...
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