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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
I'm with you on this Sodar. Not that I'm in the market for a new boat, but if I was the 214 would be my first or second boat at which to look (the other would be the 197). I'm already not a fan of the layout, but having to get the ski off the tower then go to the back of the boat......just isn't as nice as opening a trunk right there and getting ready.

Your idea of the X-14 keeping the current layout and having the 214 changed to a traditional layout is simplistically brilliant! I like it.
I have no quarrel with those thoughts by Planet and Sodar on what might be a better layout -- I was simply making a suggestion on how to handle the storage the way the boats are set up currently -- which is what I understood the thread starter to ask.

A tower is better than stumbling over the ski's all over the cockpit floor. At least you have a small locker for the gloves, foot soap, etc on the back.
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