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Originally Posted by Sodar View Post
That's all great, but a trunk is so very nice if you are a skier. Being able to get ready and put everything away all from the platform of the boat is awesome. I'd rather not hop over the seats, grab the ski off the tower or from some ski locker in the floor to get my ski. ProStar 214 should have the traditional layout. The X-14 should have the current layout. That would very cool!
I'm with you on this Sodar. Not that I'm in the market for a new boat, but if I was the 214 would be my first or second boat at which to look (the other would be the 197). I'm already not a fan of the layout, but having to get the ski off the tower then go to the back of the boat......just isn't as nice as opening a trunk right there and getting ready.

Your idea of the X-14 keeping the current layout and having the 214 changed to a traditional layout is simplistically brilliant! I like it.
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