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gauge problems in sweden

hello, i live in Sweden and just when we are getting some nice weather for wakeboarding my gauges stop working. i have an X-2 2004. i have read on the forum about these gauge problem and found out that the mdc is probably the cause to this. i have been fail searching the boat all day trying to find the problem. i have checked the ground to the mdc and it seems fine, i have checked all the connections for corrosion and cant find anything, everything looks fine. whats bugging me is that when i turn the key i can see the hour meter working and the gauges are moving a little in the beginning. i think it´s when the mdc turn them to 0. so the mdc cant be totally dead because something is happening. so if you have any more ideas i would really appreciate them? i have disconnected all the gauges one by one too see if there was one gauge that was the problem but that didn't help. maybe all i can do is buy a new mdc and wait for it too arrive. its a long way too Sweden thats why i don´t want to do it. where is the cheapest place to buy a new mdc? thanks for your help. greetings Daniel
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