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seein all these S&S I had to quit bein a lurker! Besides the fact this pic was takin last summer I only wish she was in this state now lol. I realized I had a partial rotted stringer and as anal as I am I started the restore that day instead of waiting till this winter. YEAH YEAH I know crazy right. Well I knew it was comming Lots of pics comming I will start a thread in the refurb section.

1980 1.52:1 350

P.S. my step mom and dad bought this bought back in 2000 when I was about 16. It was a basketcase. My stepdad did an uneducated job on the stringers and floor. Moter was rebulit and still running strong I plan to give this boat a FULL restoration including the trailer. I have no intentions to use the boat this summer. REALLY takin my time as I wasnt this boat to last for 30 yrs regardless if I buy a 50k wake boat.

P.S.S Glad I'm jon been a lurker for sometime. Please feel free to ask any question I know tihs boat front to back. My restoration is not gonna be original I plan to modernize and create some damn storage in this thing!!!
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