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Originally Posted by M-Funf View Post
Do you keep the roots in water? Hydroponic tomato growing?
I had to replaced the bucket from previous posts but I keep the last 3 holes in the bag in the water with liquid Miracle Gro in with the water. I replace the water every 3 to 4 days since it wants to turn green from the fertilizer, but the 5 plants will drink nearly a gallon of water a day from the bucket. The roots have grown down into the bottom of the bag from the top plants too and the potting soil, what's left of it, wicks the water all the way up to the top. In 8 weeks the roots have practically consumed all the potting soil and the bag is all but root bound. There is about 60 cherry tomatoes growing with another 100 blooms all over the plants. I've tied them up to the swing post twice already with no end in sight.

The stand alone Beef Steak tomato plants have about 15 tomatoes a piece growing on them, with blooms everywhere.
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