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I agree to the tips of the others, it is a lot about tweaking with speed and ballast (weight and position) - surftab is just finetuning and usually the STBD Tab sould be down for the regular wake.
Attention. when you switch the surftab to Port, the STBD tab goes down... so the switch indicate the wake site you want to adjust not the tab itself (confusing.. I know)

For a regular wake the STBD rear tank should be left unfilled.

I had an 07 X2 with the high fly Ballast System installed (with 3 Way Valves), so I guess you should at least get the same results which is a good rideable wake.

BUT, dont expect to much ... the lenghts could be still an issue, so the rideable area limited.
This is simply because it is "just" a 20+ft boat and the length of the hull as a big impact.

Cheers Captain Fronk
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