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1999 Maristar Electrical Issue

I was cruising today on the boat with everything working as expected. I than noticed the voltage gauge was below 12V and radically swinging from 10 to 12V. I slowed the boat to idle than it died.

Now things got interesting.

1. The boat started back up but not for long and died again.
2. The next attempt to started the boat tripped the ignition switch breaker.
3. Reset the breaker and tried again. The gauges (all) went completely dead including the engine light.
4. Checked all the usual stuff like battery connection, kill switch and main breaker.
5. The engine will turn over but no ignition.

I have no Mastercraft dealer with 400 miles so looking for some help on this fix.

1999 Maristar 210 with the LTR 350 and Northstar Ignition.
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