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Originally Posted by coz View Post
I know you have a new diet and all, so if you can't eat these you can send them to Az and I'll pay shipping.....seriously
During the time between my hospital stay in February and the middle of March, I had to lay off many foods because of my kidneys not being able to remove the minerals and toxins that they should.
Now that I am on Peritoneal Dialysis, I am back to more eating normal foods in order to keep my important mineral levels at a ideal level. After 3 months, they are near perfect and potassium is one of them that is measured and tomatoes and orange juice are one that has a lot, but eaten in moderation I am doing fine. The granddaughter will eat all I and Lynn can't and if I could send you some without spoiling I would, unlike these winter foreign green tomatoes they ship that's not fit to eat and taste like a paper grocery bag.
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