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Long Time, no post

Bumping my own thread and adding some pictures of some new project that I finished up recently. Here is a list:

1) Replaced the engine box insulation with some 1" thick, adhesive backed, foil faced insulation from McMaster-Carr.

This was surprisingly easy to do, yet time consuming, with some patience.

First thing I did was strip the old insulation out as much as I could by hand. Next I had to get the adhesive residue off. I tried a bunch of stuff but ended up using a scraper, acetone, and an orbital sander to get the surface ready. The sander was not useful until most of the adhesive was gone because it would just get gunked up.

After the surface was ready I had to cut the insulation out. I used some cardboard to get some rough templates cut out then used them as guides to cut out the rest. I was really worried because the stuff was hard to cut which made the cuts quite jagged. I found that using some foil duct tape (not to be confused with duck tape) really cleaned up the edges nicely though and hid all of my mistakes.

Here is the box on the floor after I finished the install:

Here is the box back on the boat:

2) While I had the engine box off I decided to go ahead and replace the rear-center panel that the engine box bolts too. The old one was that junk aluminum honeycomb panel that was so worn out you could bend it. It made noises like you were walking on a pile of leaves when you stepped on it. I also decided to add an 8" access panel over the shaft stuffing box to limit the number of times I need to remove this assembly in the future.

I did all of this by using some 3/4" hardwood plywood and putting a fiberglass coating on it. I realize the wood was plenty strong enough by itself but adding the mat added a bit of thickness to the board that it needed to be level with the rest of the floor. Here is a picture of the board post-glassing, you can see the old one in the background:

Here is the new panel installed in the boat:

94 Prostar 190, LT-1, Powerslot [SOLD]

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