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Polk DB, Polk MM, or Kicker KM

Hey friends,

We were talking about this on another thread and I got lots of good help, so thanks to all those with stereo knowledge. I have my new speakers for my 97 PS 205 narrowed down to these three:

1. Polk DB651
2. Polk MM651
3. Kicker KM6200/KM6130

I'm leaning toward the Polk DB651 because they are easy to find, their affordable, I like how they look, and I've gotten some great feedback from some of you on here. My priority is volume because I have some clarion's right now that crackle like mad and it drives me nuts! I just want to be able to crank up some classic rock! Any thoughts on the advantage of going for the MM651's? What about the Kickers or any other suggestions for a good 6.5" coaxial? Thanks!
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