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Originally Posted by 83SuperSlot View Post
Well, I hit a snag today... I was sanding with the 400 grit and I got down to the metal flakes. The crazy thing is that the dark spot is still there... I don't get it.... maybe it was the factory job... any ideas?

I am sorry I didn't see this post. Now that you have gotten down to the flake I would "STOP" and not sand anymore. Now you will have to clear coat it to seal it all back up. With my boat the gel coat on the out side was all gone and right down to the flake so I wet sanded it real light with 500. Then I mixed up some clear and sprayed it 5 coats later it was like a new boat. But if you dont know how to spray clear I would have a near by body shop spray it for you. To bad I live so far away or I would spray it for you.
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