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Found this post on the net-----

I have had my 2006 HSE for about 3 months now. We own an enclosed utility trailer that is equipped with LED lights. The problem comes in when trying to tow it with the RR. The RR's (and most imports mb, vw, bmw,etc) computer senses that a light is out because LED lights have extremely low resistance. The fault code illuminates to "check trailer lights" and the pulse for the turn signal goes into super warp speed (again sensing a bulb may be out).

After much searching and research, I have determined that the problem can be fixed by installing a resistor on the trailer, or add lights to the trailer to increase the resistance. Finally, there is a resistor box that is being sold out of Australia for about $300. Even if you contact the LR dealership, they have no idea what the problem could be and consequently no solution.

I found an adapter on the Uhaul website that was engineered for audi's, vw, and porche, and the adapter cost $29. I actually contacted an engineer at Uhaul that thought of this adapter, and he told me that it was marketed for vw, because he personally had a volkswagen, but IT SHOULD WORK FOR THE RANGE ROVER!!

FINALLY A SOLUTION. I actually found the same adapter (same part number) at etrailer for $15 and decided to order it. It just came in and it works flawlessly. Plugging my trailer with LED lights in directly cause fault codes to illuminate. Using the "plug and drive" adapter makes the trailer with LED lights to function flawlessly. Here is the link and this will save you a ton of worries and money. No installation required....Just PLUG AND DRIVE!!! :thumb:
- Jeff

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