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I don't follow what you mean. You say that the lights on the trailer are flashing, but then you said that the running lights, turn signals and brake lights work fine. Which lights are flashing and when? Unless there is some weird current sense circuit on a Rover, I see no reason why different bulbs on the trailer would make any difference. A regular filament bulb cunducts current in either direction. A led will only conduct current in one direction, if it is hooked up backwards it will do nothing. The vehicle just sends 12V to each set of bulbs, don't see what difference the type of bulb will make. I've seen people not connect the ground wire (white) into the wiring harness and just use the metal to metal contact of the hitch to make the ground between the truck and the trailer. This will cause ALL of the lights to flikcer when they go down the road because of the dirty connection on the metal ball.
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