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Originally Posted by mertens View Post
Hey Matt!

Beautiful Maristar!!! Mine is an open bow; I have to say I have not seen any early Maristar's that look as nice as yours.

My 240 was a little sluggish when fully loaded until I rebuilt the carb. Now it has all the pull and speed I need. The perfect pass use to fluctuate a lot when it was loaded, but the carb rebuild fixed that as well.

Originally Posted by Age Fighter View Post
I agree it was ahead of its time. When I saw it, I thought it must be mid 90's to late 90's.
As for the performance, my friend was comparing it to my X-9 with the MCX with two people aboard -- and this 240 usually had 8-10 people aboard when he was on it. So it was NOT apples to apples.

I think it's a timeless hull.
Thanks guys! I've spend a lot of time making and keeping it nice!

Its been a couple of years, but on 6-8 occasions I've been asked what model my "New" MasterCraft is the look is priceless when I tell them its a 1990 MC.

Pulled it out of storage this afternoon. Hooked up the hose and as soon as gas hit the carb she fired right up. Changed the oil and took these pics:


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