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Originally Posted by Matt L. View Post
I'm thinking he must have the standard 454 or the 350 if its a dog. I was blessed with the HO454 that, according to Indamar engine ID number check, is 425HP

It certainly is not a dog even when fully loaded.

The 240 line was way ahead of its time. The size and lines were perhaps too innovative for its time. can't wait until I get my tower on it. That will really update the look!


I agree it was ahead of its time. When I saw it, I thought it must be mid 90's to late 90's.
As for the performance, my friend was comparing it to my X-9 with the MCX with two people aboard -- and this 240 usually had 8-10 people aboard when he was on it. So it was NOT apples to apples.

I think it's a timeless hull.
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