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Originally Posted by Age Fighter View Post
A friend of mine has this boat...I think his is an 89 240.

It's his first inboard. The guy that wake boards with me sometimes will often ride in this 240 and says the wake is large anyway. Has a 454 engine I think, and that struggles when the boat is loaded down.

Then again, most of these guys are young single dudes who ride bikes and boats. They usually have the two legged double ballast accessories in generous supply -- they weight the boat the old fashioned way!!!
I'm thinking he must have the standard 454 or the 350 if its a dog. I was blessed with the HO454 that, according to Indamar engine ID number check, is 425HP

It certainly is not a dog even when fully loaded.

The 240 line was way ahead of its time. The size and lines were perhaps too innovative for its time. can't wait until I get my tower on it. That will really update the look!


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