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How Long can I run my Stereo? - Math Equation?

Hey everyone Im trying to figure out how to calculate how long I can run my stereo and not run it too low that it damages it or the alternator cant recharge it properly? I have a dual battery setup. The Stereo is running off of a Optima blue top battery.

My headunit is pulling power from the original harness so basically it is using the original starting battery. The only thing running off of the blue top optima is the amplifiers.

I have 2 JL amps. One is a 6 channel the other is a 4 channel. The 6 channel runs the 4 inside speakers and the last 2 channels are bridged for the subwooffer.

The 4 channel amp runs the 4 tower speakers.

I cant remember the exact model numbers. I believe the 6 channel is a M6450 and the 4 channel is a M4300, but im not certain.

Thanks so much

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