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Originally Posted by loeweb View Post
How do I mount a removable platform on my 88 190 without having to cut or remove the tow eyes on the back of the boat? I have looked it over and can't figure out what to do. I have no problem cutting them off since they never get used, just wanted to know what others have done in this situation.
I ran into your exact problem back in the day when I got the removable platform brackets from Alloy Marine. The only option we could think of was to notch the platform. I did it with a drill bit and jigsaw, turned out OK. The hardest part was making sure the brackets were lined up absolutely parallel so it wouldn't bind when lifting up the platform. I did this about 10 years ago, and while the black paint on the brackets has faded, they've held up well. See the attached picture, but ignore the big chunk taken out of the platform. That repair process is under way, and I'll post more when it's done.

Good luck, go slow, and you'll get it. It sure is nice being able to remove my platform.
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