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Originally Posted by rspain77ss View Post
i dont have any of the ignition stuff done yet i am completely rebuilding the boat from the stringers from the up and haven't gotten that far yet. should i hook up all the ignition stuff first or just manually turn the engine?
I'd rig the motor and everything else, so it's ready to run. The adjustments can be made and you can test it. To get it to TDC, it's easy enough to leave the plugs out and crank it manually, using a wrench on the crank pulley- you're right there, anyway.

Before you install the valve covers, set the crank at TDC one full revolution after the intake has closed and don't move the crank until you time it or install the distributor. You can install the distributor before the valve covers or you could energize the coil, leave the plug wires off and rotate the distributor with the crank at 6°BTDC- lock it down at the point where you make the timing light flash and it will be within a couple of degrees of where you need it.
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