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Originally Posted by samtechwaterski View Post
Thanks for the replies so far. As far as the prop, It is a un repaired un damaged 4 blade 13.50 x 16.00 (.105 cup).

At wide WOT I am cruising 42.5 (on GPS), at 4830rpm.

The boat is used mainy for course skiing, but I will weight the boat and throw 4 or 5 people in it and wakeboard on the weekends. 750lbs in the back and 300 in the ski locker + people.

So I would like the prop to be able to do both well, but I understand that there will have to be some compromises.

So for the guys with the slot it looks like yall are seeing close to 1:1 RPM to speed? (ie 36mph = 3600 rpm give or take)?
I've had two boats. One was a MC with 1:1. It ran 36 mph at 3,475 rpm. My current boat is a SN with 1.23:1. It runs fewer than 3,600 rpm at 36 mph as well. Give or take is the key. FWIW, I'm about 450' ASL. If anything, just remember that there are no hard an fast rules when trying to figure how a boat will act on the water. Getting repeatable results is as much due to luck as anything.
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