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The gas tank in now out, gave it a cocktail of carb cleaner, new gas, stabilla, and 2 cycle oil. after a few hours of agitation very 15 min or so it cleaned up completely.

The exhaust/water leak turned out to be a loose connection between the exhaust flange and the last bit of flex line, by loose I mean it had about 1/2 inch of play. I think the previous owners plan to "fix" the leak was a giant bilge pump! The mufflers are long, blue, and fiberglass looking. They seem to be in good condition so I think I will be able to get away with just replacing the exhaust lines above and below the mufflers.

The stringers have been sistered and glassed so I am going to let that sleeping giant lie for now.

After scraping off 1/4 inch of silicone, I was able to remove the bolts and lags holding the swim platform in place. I will post pics soon.
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