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Originally Posted by barefootjoe View Post
This weekend I completed step one and sold the bayliner! Yea! Now I have some funds freed up to really get going.

I Removed the gas tank and 15 gallons of 3 year old gas. Here are my questions on this end of the boat.

1. What is the best way to clean the varnish out of the gas tank?
2. Do I need to tear up the floor to get the mufflers and lines out or can I disocnnect the lines at the the flaps and engine, and slide them and the mufflers out past the engine?
3. The back transom seems really flimsy and my swim platform is loose, what is the best way to re-inforce the rear transom?
3. While I am under there, is there any maintinance that needs to be done to the steering fin coupler?

Thanks for the input.
1) Different ways to do this. Partially fill it with a cleaner and soak it. There is a thread here somewhere on this process.

2) Your exhaust system is on the outside of the stringers. Yes, you'll need to cut out the floor and work from there. The later 80's models, (82 and up) have the exhaust in the center section. Getting the hoses and mufflers out are a pain if you are trying to salvage parts. It's easy if you're replacing it all. Discount Inboard Marine has parts and offer up expertise advice. You can have a 3.0" system or a 3.5" system. Be sure and confirm.

3) The stringers at the rear transom are likely water soaked and the platform is bolted on (into the stringer) with lag screws. They will let go sooner or later, depending on the weight on the platform. I replaced mine four years ago with thru-bolts and plate reinforcement,. I had to cut into the floor under the tank (an 85 model) and work from the inside. I have pictures of the procedure if you like. You should have access to doing this while you have the floor out for the exhaust replacement. One other thing to prepare for is that when you pull the platform off, the brackets on the transom will be adhered and gelcoat and all is likely to come off with it. You'll need small fiberglass and gelcoat repair (pics of that on mine also).
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3)Grease the one zerk on the rudder assembly that is under the tank (when installed) in the center section. That section of the floor should lift out easliy.

Also, replace your packing while in there. Use the graphite impregnated packing and not the cotton rope. Again, for parts and advice on anything inboard related.

If you get to the point that the stringers need a complete replacement, others here have done this and posted. At this point of having to take out part of the flooring, I'd seriously consider replacing the stringers if they are bad (likely so). However, summer is near. This can take a few weekends (or more) to complete. Just sayin' because the engine has to come out for this. Maybe an upcoming winter project?

I'd be inclined to fix the exhaust (cutting out the floor section) and the platform issue (since the floor is cut anyway). Put a floor section back in and a piece of carpet on a semi-temporary basis to get you through the summer. Then strip it down this winter and replace the stringers if the need be.

When you cut the floor out, cut as centered (running parallel to the stringer) on the stringer as possible for reinstallation. Cut about 1" or more away from the side of the boat. It doesn't take all of that entire width of floor section to access the exhaust. Just cut enough room to work on the platform and exhaust. That is all you'll need to cut out.

If you are going to replace the carpet (at any time) remove it in as much of one piece as possible. You'll be glad you did by using this as a template to cut the new pieces for reinstallation. I learned the hard way many years ago. If you're going to just cut the floor for now, peel the carpet back (in one piece) and then reglue it to a new section until you decide when you'll replace it permanently. Just saves a lot of work now by doing this. Glue it back in with a light application of glue. It may have to come back out in 6 months or so.

I like the gray carpet. I have replaced a lot of carpet in boats and found the gray does not color-saturate your eyes while in the boat. Red-in-red is too much for me.

The wide-placed exhaust on your 80 model allows for barefooting off of the platform without getting onto the hot water. I had a 79 that allowed this. The later models put the hot water (exhaust) out right where one would step back onto the water to foot.

I watched your video and I too water my boat in the same way to run it. Works just fine.

What kind of tractor is that in the video?
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