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This weekend I completed step one and sold the bayliner! Yea! Now I have some funds freed up to really get going.

I Removed the gas tank and 15 gallons of 3 year old gas. Here are my questions on this end of the boat.

1. What is the best way to clean the varnish out of the gas tank?
2. Do I need to tear up the floor to get the mufflers and lines out or can I disocnnect the lines at the the flaps and engine, and slide them and the mufflers out past the engine?
3. The back transom seems really flimsy and my swim platform is loose, what is the best way to re-inforce the rear transom?
3. While I am under there, is there any maintinance that needs to be done to the steering fin coupler?

Thanks for the input.
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