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Sorry, yes I did mean 2 amplifiers, mtx280 for the sub, and jl audio for the componants and tower speakers, 80 to 100 amp draw, at boat to beach volumn levels, so my system is a bit smaller than yours. I would still debate the theory of the amps or volts traveling between batteries unless one of the batteries had an internal short or drain. The batteries are discharged and charged equally, so there is no amperage flow of any kind. For sure a bad battery would ruin a good battery, which is why they should always be replace in pairs. For the voltage to push the amperage, the amperage has to have a load or place to go( light, amplifier ect.). The bottom line is even though these are deep cycle batteries and meant to run accessories for long periods of time, the deeper you drain or cycle them the shorter the life due to heat and sulfation of the plates. In my opinion or theory if you will, your system would actually work your batteries harder because you could and probably do completely discharge one of your batteries. When you start your boat and connect your batteries together, not only is your alternator charging your low battery, but your full battery is also transfering amperage into your low battery. Again, I am not saying your system is wrong or mine is right, just a different way getting one thing done..enjoying great tunes on a hot day with a cold beer!!
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