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Originally Posted by h2oskifreak View Post
My garden is usually pretty popular with the friends, relatives and neighbors. I plant 2 plants of "Grape Tomatoes" and the two plants produce hundreds, if not thousands of them. They are small and very sweet. With support, these plants were over 7 ft. tall last two years. Your grandaughter might just love them, I know my neices do. I take them about 100 a week and their mom puts them in their school lunches each day. They never seem to get tired of them. Don't get the "Cherry Tomatoes" and think they will be as good or as sweet, larger but not as good. I'm inspired and home w/ my son today (Spring Break), I think we will go prep. the garden for planting. Here in CO we are at least 5 weeks from planting, snowed yesterday.

My and Maddie's production for the last tow years has been around 150 tomatoes from two Big Beef plants, but last year we hung a bag with 5 cherry/grape tomato plants in it off the backyard swing and we got 400 grape/cherry tomatoes from it. Maddie has some type of tomato for about every meal and even snacks on them after school, beats anything we've ever seen.
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