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I'll take a few pics and post them. It came out looking brand new. My boat is a 1995 prostar 205 that I bought in the spring of 2009 and am in Texas. The interior was redone by the previous owner in 2004 (He let it sit on a lift in Louisiana -through Katrina/Rita -The humidity and swamp air brought a ton of mold and mildew stain on it). The cleaning did help bring the color out on the sun faded areas, especially the engine cover (be sure to only wipe the color area, if you wipe from blue onto white it will bleed over. Then you just have to take another rag and clean the white area over again if you happen to get messy). I did this treatment to it in Sept. The vinyl is still in good shape and I have had no after effects. And yes, I was in the paint and body business as well. I would also reccommend doing this process carefully. Do a small test spot and you will work into it. Remember the reducer's chemical properties does soften the vinyl which allows the stain to lift or come out (especially from between the fine crevaces and cracks imbedded in the vinyl) By using a fast evaporating reducer, especially on a warm day it evaporates very very fast. That is why you can only do a 3inch by 3inch area at a time with a clean rag each time. Most reducers will say what temp. you can use them in to be effective. If its hotter than the reccommended temp for usuage then it will evaporate even faster. When it evaporates its gone and does nothing to your boat. So if it never evaporated in 36 degree weather and was pooling on your seat then yes it could eventually damage the seat.
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