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Originally Posted by Skipper View Post
Dealios. Confusing engineer speak for the little rubber flappy things at the end of the exhaust.
Dude, you are indeed funny. I dont know why I seem to like that word...

Originally Posted by Double D View Post
On additional note: I just received a response from Rex Marine and they DO NOT have the exhaust tips in 3". They do have reducers but there would be cutting involved to get it through the transom. No Thanks!!

So unless someone knows of another option, Hardin will be the place to purchase if I pull the trigger on these.

On that note: anyone have any problems will back flow if the exterior flapper is removed?
DD, thank you for posting as you are going along. You have saved me needless work. Does the Hardin bolt pattern match up? I dont think I'm going to bother going through with it if I have to drill a new round of holes in the hull.
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