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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
Man, I am scratching my head now. So the tip I need is a 3" diameter unit? Any idea how this unit attaches to the boat and the size of the pipe outside? Because I know the diameter on the outside of the boat is more like 4". I guess I will need to pull off the flapper and put a tape measure by it and snap a picture. I do not doubt what you guys say is true but I am seeing it from the outside and am confused...
You're lucky, I keep my boat handy. 3" ( Yes, our exhaust tips, actually reduce to a smaller internal (i.d.), maybe to 2 7/8". New boats, do the opposite.

I'm assuming, the hole through the hull is slightly larger than 3" If someone, is going to internal flappers (flappers take up space), would have to go to 3.5 or 4", that reduces to 3" pipe.

Note: Be mindful of the external exhaust tip flange. Some are pretty big, and may have to be cut down. Use VERY good sealant. You will have to seal all screw holes, then redrill for new tips.

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