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Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
TMCNo1, thanks for the links - lots of good info there. What height / length (fore to aft) did you go with?

HS0skeefreek, same thing, do you know the dimensions / height of yours? Definitely looks like it would provide a lot of shade, I think I'd go with that length or 1' shorter iot keep a shady area over the passengers legs. Where did you buy yours, or did you have it made? Can the rear portion be made to sit level?
Mine is a Taylor Made from West Marine. It is 6' long. The location was decided by the hole that is cut for the skylon fat pole. If you wanted to level the rear section you'd just shorten the front straps and lengthen the rear, but that would cut down on forward visibility. I love it, but the Johnson material that Brieod talks about is nicer, however at the time, I worked for West Marine.
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