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Bimini Questions - General & '77-'82 Specific


I'm considering putting a bimini on my '79 Skier, and have a few questions...
1. What is the width of bimini that I should be looking for? The boat is in storage until April so I have new way of measuring it. Any idea, even approx, what the length from the windshield to the mid point of the engine box would be? Something approx that length might be good.

2. Will I be able to flip it forward of the windshield when not in use or is it better to go with a support mechanism like on BriEOD's boat here

3. BriEOD, if you're reading this, do you remember the dimensions of yours? What kind is it? I really like the look of it. I might want to go a few inches lower and a foot longer. Really clean boat!

4. What is generally a good height for bimini to floor? I've read 5', but am not sure. I'm 6'3" so don't want to crouch too much, but also want a bimini that will provide a lot of shade for my young son.

5. Is there anything that you don't like about your bimini and/or wish was different and/or wish you would have known prior to buying it?

6. What colour would you pic for my boat? I'm debating light blue (Sunbrella Skyblue) to match the hull colour, darker blue (Sunbrella Pacific Blue) to match the metal flake or blake to match the windshield / rub rail (we don't have really hot summers, so heat from a black top isn't really an issue) OR have one made that would be 2-tone to match the light blue and metal flake that runs fore and aft and/or add white stars to it! Not sure if that would be overly expensive. I'd like to keep it under $500ish Cdn.
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