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The stock setup is incredibly underpowered. The 7.7's are rated to 100 Watts RMS and I bet you are getting less than that. You should be able to hear clearly 4 of those while riding if they are powered correctly. It won't be as loud as a wetsounds or NVS setup, but it will be better than what you have.

NMCJR is on the money in what he said above. I was much more pleased with them when I put 125 watts to each speaker. They really came alive. But I still went with NVS and now I hear them clearly, but also loudly, and was able to sell my MC speakers for lots of other gadgets I have on the boat now.

I use the wetsounds 420 equalizer to control the tower and boat speakers separately. If you don't want to drop that kind of coin, look for a line controller that you can install in your RCA cable that controls the tower speakers. Search for PAC - LC1 and I think you will find what I am talking about.
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