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i am about as dumb as it comes to technology as it relates to audio but i do know that the JL factory speakers (both tower and cabin) need 150 Watts per speaker. that may be a little overkill but it gives you a lot of "headroom" where your speakers are being pushed by the cleanest part of the signal coming out of the amp somewhere in the middle of the power range. that is the cleanest and most efficient area of output in an amp. never push an amp (or a speaker) to it's limit> they always sound best when somewhere in the 1/2-2/3 of maximum range. then for the sub i would think you would want a 300watt mono block amp going to it. 150 watts is adequate but from experience it isn't quite enough. there is a wealth of knowledgeable people on here who can give you more specifics. good luck.

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