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in my opinion, the stock 7.7" jl cabin speakers are absolutely killer as long as they are powered properly. they sound as good as the 6" wetsounds cabin speakers in my friends tige rz2. now, i added a second sub and seperate amp for that sub to help out on the bottom. the main deal, however is on the tower. i fought for two years whether to remove my four (4) factory cans and replace with (4) wetsounds pro 80's. i finally did it and while they do sound somewhat better they do not look nearly as nice as the stock cans. plus, i had the billett speaker covers for the stock tower cans and they were the best looking set-up you can find. so, looks-wise, the factory gere-marie billett cans with the billett mc by design grills (VERY pricey) are the best look without exception. also, they sound very good. they even sound better IN THE BOAT than the wetsounds do. but behind the boat the pro 80's reach approximately 30% better (my scale of interpreting). they are not three times better or even twice as good but they are better somewhat. whether they are worth the money is up to you. both are expensive but if you add the billett grills to the factory set-up the cost may be about the same. you will have to totally and significantly re-power the wetsounds however to get them to perform optimally. good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

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