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I'm not really one for advertising someones product and pay for the decal, but you guys are bringing me around. I figure one of you guys might see me at the gas station or store and it will let us know we have something in common and strike up a conversation, maybe even meet up and ski. The problem is; a coworker and I were riding in our work truck and saw a MasterCraft sticker on a truck. My friend said," "I have those on my truck, but they are cheap tires. He must work for them." I said "it is a brand of ski boat" and he said "oh yea, it could be." Now I did see two on this thread I liked. The one that said MasterCraft and they added a skier and one that said MasterCraft and said world record tow boats. No mistaking what you are talking about. I do have some cool ones from MasterCraft by Design for my trailer when I am done restoring it, but my family hates the sculls. Do you guys have any ideas where to find some nice ones? My old Tahoe has the retro decal on it, but I was looking for something a little different for my new Tahoe.
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