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1980 stars & stripes project boat-questions

This dec I bought a 1980 stars & Stripes project boat with a ford Windsor pcm original eng.
It needs a lot of TLC. I will be posting pictures and questions as I go. Any useful input is appreciated!


1. What is the WOT and what should I expect in top end speed with a footer behind?

2. What weight of oil for the engine, and Trans?

3. How to I figure out the exact engine model and size for parts ordering?

4. Where can I get the following parts?:
Mechanical fuel pump
Sea water pump
Exhaust lines-hoses
Electronic ignition conversion kit
Propeller (see my propeller thread for input into selection)

5. What is the process to repair gel coat chips myself? Suppliers?

6. Anyone installed their own hot water shower using a mixer valve? Does this create a hot water loop or is there a backflow preventer? (I have tapped hot water exit lines before, but never tried mixing.) steps and parts?

7. The front tracking fin is bent to about 7pm. Can it be bent back or does it need to be replaced? Supplier?
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