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Just to set the record strait;
I bought it for $300 and it did not run or steer and the prop was beat up. The distributor was missing pieces and there was no fire to the coil.
When I got it home I put plugs wires and a conversion kit in the distributor changing it from points to electronic ignition, and fixed the coil problem and it fired right up.
After running it I noticed the crank pump was leaking and the fiberglass mufflers/silencers were leaking through a few cracks.
So I took the mufflers/silencers off and then I filled in low spots and laid some heavy matt and resin on them to seal them to make them super strong, sanded once again, painted them and reinstalled.
Took the steering out of the boat completely disassembled it even took the cable out of the sheath cleaned everything up ,oiled it and put it back in.
Then pressure washed the boat to remove old carpet glue and funk.
Found a refurb prop on line put it on and took it to the boat ramp to see if the tranny worked and like I said earlier was surprised at the power it had.
I wanted to see if I could get it in running condition before I completely restored the boat just to see what I had.
The purchase of this boat was unexpected and I could not pass it up after doing a compression test on the motor. So I was not expecting another project, but surprisingly my wife is ok with this project as long as it is done by spring.

So far so good.
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