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TMCno1, I will try out those places on Monday. No the window is tempered safety glass and the hinge is built in to the frame. I will be removing the entire windshield frame from the boat when it is refinished. Right now I am just going through everything mechanical to see what works. I just figured I get the word out for the hard to find stuff.

Today I finally got to a point where I could put it in the water and see if the tranny works. So far so good I just have a leaky raw water pump and the drive shaft has a very fast leak coming around it where it goes through the boat.
Other than needing a carb rebuild it runs surprisingly strong. I was amased at how much power it has. This is my first MasterCraft so I did not know what to expect, especially in the shape it is in.
These of some pics of getting it ready to water test. I will post more as I take them.
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