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87' Prostar 190 Power Slot Restoration

This is a 1987 Prostar 190 Power Slot I bought for $300.00, just a couple of weeks ago. I am almost embarrassed to even post these pics on here. All I can say is," I didn't do it." I am just trying to be its saving grace.

I have never owned a MasterCraft before but have always wanted one and I could not pass it up for the price. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I have restored many other things just not a ski boat.

If anyone can point me in a direction of where I can find a port side wing window and where I can get the weather stripping at. I think that is the only thing that I can't find the rest of the boat is pretty much there just in need of some work.

I talked to a guy that has restored boat finishes for years at MasterCraft in Orlando and he said that he can make this thing shine like new again. Any suggestions?

Also should I remove the top cap of the boat to replace carpet or do I have to? Common sense tells me that It would be easier for carpeting, but I don't know if it would be worth the extra effort just for carpeting.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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