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Originally Posted by markismm View Post
...It blows my mind how many folks do not have any respect or consideration for those of us trying to ski a course. Also some people think that their large platform boats are made to run a course. While we were taking a break in between sets earlier this year, a 24-25 foot platform boat whose bow pushed the guide buoys out of the way came through with a skiier trying to run the course. Of course the skier fell and the platform boat back over several buoys, fortunately not cutting any of them. Sure all of us are going to cut a buoy from time to time, but you should have better sense than to try to run a course in a boat not meant to pull a skiier. Or what is even worse is the jetskiier who thinks the course is to test out his jet skis maneuverability by running figure eights around the buoys.

Just needed to vent a little. Maybe I am just overeacting a bit, but being raised on the water, you are taught the old school way of thinking regaridng respecting other folks property and being considerate of others. Sorry for the rant.
Your rant is appreciated. This forum has seen its fair share of public lake course maintenance rants. Mentally prepare yourself for the long haul. It will really never get any better. There are those that dont understand the issues that course skiers face (drivers slowing down when they are near the course, producing rollers) and those that simply don't care (backing over buoys, driving over boat guides, etc.). All you can do is smile and wave. If you make enemies, two things can happen: 1) course permit gets revoked and 2) buoys/hardware get cut when you aren't around. There is no real easy way to do this.
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