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fatthmgr - I would love to get together with some folks and get a course set up. Where you are talking about setting one up at the back a Halawaka creek is where the only course I have ever known on Harding used to be set up about 5 years ago. Several guys I
know tried to help set it up/maintain it. However, in a matter of about 1 year jet skis and other folks had ruined the course. The only problem with the area at the back of Halawaka creek that you are talking about is that it is only about 7 feet deep. This is good for wake disapation (sp), but can present problems if the water is let down in the slightest. I do think that this is the best spot on the lake for a course though. Let me know if you and some folks plan on getting together to try to set something up.

georgea0731 - We will certainly look for you and your sheep dog. I think your course (#2) is the best I have seen as far as how well the course itself is set up, but I still think Course #1 over by the old Ski Club road is still the best as far as location goes because the water is always as calm as the weather allows for. The only thing making wakes back there is typically boats skiing the course. I was speaking with a guy who used to ski Course #1 about 15 years ago and he said that there used to be buoys and a sign or something indicating that all boats needed to slow down when entering the area to keep the wake down for the folks skiing back there. Wish they still had the signage.

It blows my mind how many folks do not have any respect or consideration for those of us trying to ski a course. Also some people think that their large platform boats are made to run a course. While we were taking a break in between sets earlier this year, a 24-25 foot platform boat whose bow pushed the guide buoys out of the way came through with a skiier trying to run the course. Of course the skier fell and the platform boat back over several buoys, fortunately not cutting any of them. Sure all of us are going to cut a buoy from time to time, but you should have better sense than to try to run a course in a boat not meant to pull a skiier. Or what is even worse is the jetskiier who thinks the course is to test out his jet skis maneuverability by running figure eights around the buoys.

Just needed to vent a little. Maybe I am just overeacting a bit, but being raised on the water, you are taught the old school way of thinking regaridng respecting other folks property and being considerate of others. Sorry for the rant.
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