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Another across from Pleasure Point Marina

Its nice to see someone is maintaining the Ski club course again. I maintain #2 across from Smith's Landing Ramp. Mr. Schouten owns #3. His grand daughter skies for Auburn. He's 80 and still competes. So does his lovely wife. They are excellent people.
There is a course east of Pleasure Point in a large inlet, turn north/left. At the end of the summer, it only had one or 2 buoys on it. No one seems to keep it up. It belonged to a guy named Robert, who skied with Mr. Schouten for years. There was a church camp that use to have one, but has since taken it out. I think it was just north of Pleasure Point Marina on the west side. It seems as if the camp does mostly wakeboarding now.
I just ordered some more magnetics, and have buoys on my Christmas list. So #2 should be up and running again next year. We'll look for you.. We have the 03 S&S with the Old English Sheepdog. We usually swim by the course throughout the day.
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